Build Your Dream

I had a cute post all created to post today about decorating your home for summer. But it wasn't what my heart was speaking today, so here I am writing about something completely unrelated to home decor (I'm doing really great at this home decor business thing huh?)
Today I want to talk about dreams. And why they're worth it.
Since launching Blossom only a few months ago my emotions have been a whirlwind. One second I'm on cloud nine about all of our orders we got one day, and the next day I'm asking myself what the freak I've gotten myself into as I try (and fail repeatedly) to navigate marketing, sales, retention, and budgets (the list could go on). 
Quite frankly, most of the time I just feel like a fish out of water that everyone is watching and just waiting to run out of air. It's exhausting, and some days I just want to crawl back into my comfortable hole where no one knows what my dreams are and what this business is. The demands of social media, the pressure to measure up, and the looming fear of failure are all but crippling for me at times.
It was on one of those days I was ready to quit that I ran across this quote,
"If you don't build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs."
-Dale Partridge
It hit me like a ton of bricks. Your dreams are worth it folks--even with the sleepless nights, tears, and doubt that accompany this whole shindig.
Despite the negatives that come along with running my own business, there has been so much good to overshadow those moments. Meeting the women entrepreneurs (I call them #girlbosses) who have so graciously embraced me and my little business, meeting our customers who love and support our shop endlessly, and seeing pieces of Blossom fill your homes and lives is SO rewarding and soul filling for me.
YOU are the reason I love this little business and dream of mine more than I can articulate. 
Now it's time to build your dream....because you're worth it.

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