Let me just start by saying....HOLY COW.
What a week. This past week was honestly one of the hardest, most rewarding weeks of my life. Every night I was usually up till 2:00 a.m. working on our display, getting products ready, and packing up our trailer. By the time the week was over and the market was wrapped up, I was a zombie with no soul (If you don't believe me, ask Colby). I spent the first part of the week working on our paper flower display and have burn marks on my finger tips the size of Texas to prove it.
On Thursday afternoon we started setting up for the market at the fairgrounds. I was a ball of nerves and excitement. At the end of the night Colby and I were parking the trailer and I looked over him and just said,
"Crap....what if no one likes our shop and no one buys anything?"
Being the wonderful human he is he just looked at me and said,
"It will be a good learning experience no matter what." 
(Setting Everything Up Thursday Night)
Friday morning came and my nerves had only gotten worse (clearly I didn't take Colby's advice to heart). While I was driving to the fairgrounds, I seriously thought I was going to throw up. What on earth was I thinking getting us into this? 
Once we got to our barn and were setting up, I lost the keys to the trailer and car for 2 hours (sorry Colby). I was about ready to throw in the towel when our neighbors, 2 Chicks and a Tool Belt, ran in the barn waiving her hands in the air with the keys in her hand that she found in the snow. I bawled my eyes out and hugged the poor woman 20 times. It was better than winning a car on Oprah. They were seriously the best neighbors ever and we had so much fun with them.
The market started Friday night from 5:00-8:00. Once shoppers started coming in, my nerves had only intensified and I felt like I was going to have a full blown panic attack. I seriously thought no one was going to buy anything. Being a new little store among so many seasoned professionals was so intimidating, and I just really didn't know how shoppers would react to how different we were.
Little did I know what we were in for. From 5:00 on our little shop was packed with shoppers who loved our store! I was in complete awe and couldn't believe that people loved my products that I poured my heart and soul into just as much as I do. Once the evening was over we restocked the shop for the next day, and we were so excited and happy with how things went we could have sold nothing on Saturday and been totally content.
(Customers shopping around Blossom on Saturday)
Saturday was absolutely insane. We were so busy with customers in the shop that we didn't even have time to eat or go to the bathroom all day. My best friend Madelyne and her mom Jen brought Colby and me a glorious ration of corn dogs at one point to get us through the day. I seriously teared up I was so grateful. Both Madelyne and Jen helped us so much before and during the market and I can't thank them enough. 
Colby did a cute "lemonade stand" and put vintage looking lemonades and waters in his great grandma's washing basin to sell to customers. I'll be honest, when he first suggested it I thought it was silly and wouldn't work. Those drinks sold like hot cakes all day and Colby was like a happy little 5-year old managing his lemonade stand. It was adorable and I will never forget the look of joy on his face. 
(The shop after we had run out of everything)
By the time the market was over we were pretty much sold out of everything and didn't have to pack much up in the trailer, which after a long weekend, we were so grateful for! I still feel like this weekend was a dream and didn't actually happen. To watch people gain joy from things you put your whole heart into is surreal and soul consuming. 
I am so humbled by the incredible response we had Colby and I couldn't be more grateful for the support we have been given by friends, family, and complete strangers in this endeavor of ours. We both commented how wonderful it was to see the beautiful side of humanity this past week as we were served and treated with immense kindness by SO many people.
(Colby feeling victorious as the market was closing and we were still alive)
We are already planning our booth for The Vintage Whites Market next year! We are working hard on some exciting new things for Blossom Design and I can't wait to continue to share our journey with you all.
God is so good and we are so grateful to have been blessed beyond what we deserve. This business has been a process for me of learning to trust in what the Lord tells me to do, even if I don't understand it at the time. I read a quote  yesterday,
"In the end we only regret the chances we didn't take."
I'm not a risk taker and I often make my decisions based off of fear and my comfort zone, but God is slowly teaching me (sometimes it feels more like baptism by fire) how to trust him with my dreams even if it scares me out of my mind. Here's to taking more chances and trusting in the Lord. Trust me blossoms, if someone like me can do it, so can you. 
Follow your dreams and your heart and I promise that no matter what happens, you will never regret it. 
One more thing: Colby is the best husband and business partner in the world. I couldn't do this without him, his gentle nudges, and his practical business skills. It may not look like it from the outside, but he is the reason that Blossom Design can even function. I would have never imagined 3 years ago that our marriage would also be a business partnership. We challenge each other a lot when it comes to business, and that's the reason why he's the perfect "CFO" for me. We push and pull with each other until we find what's best for both of us and our business. God knew what he was doing when He brought Colby to my life. 


  • Mallory and Colby YOU 2 are the best neighbors! We loved meeting you and so thrilled at your success. It is very deserved! We see God’s hand in our business too and it is such a wonderful feeling! ❤❤❤

    2 Chicks
    Michelle & Mina

    2 Chicks & A Toolbelt
  • Mallory, your article was just what I needed to keep moving forward with my business. We had a booth at Vintage White’s as well (My Sisters’ Salvage)and the people there are so nice. Although it was not our biggest show we have ever done, we were still blessed. God is so good! You gave me hope to keep believing and dreaming that we can TRUST Him. The long hours and late nights are worth it! It’s my prayer at every market that I do, people will see Christ’s love in us. I pray that you and Colby are blessed beyond your biggest dreams.
    Cheryl @ My Sisters’ Salvage

    Cheryl Carter
  • I bought a couple of things from you two. You’re so cute and your booth was delightful. See you next year.

  • Made me tear up!! You are both adorable and Vanessa and I were so honored to have you!! Can’t wait for next year!!!! Thank you so much for joining our little VWM family! ❤❤❤

    Vintage whites

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